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The March 2017 edition of the Trust Quarterly Review (STEP) : Gordon Blair comments on the status of forced heirship in an international context and trust recognition in France pursuant to a landmark decision from the Paris Court of Appeals

Geoffroy Michaux and David Frémont, together with Me. Patrice Bonduelle, Notaire at Michellez Notaires in Paris, report a recent French appellate judgment rendered in the scope of an international succession and analyze the conditions under which a trust vessel successfully circumvented French forced heirship rules. Their article also offers a hint as to France’s future application of the now-enacted Regulation (EU) N° 650/2012 known as the EU Succession Regulation.


Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) : a view from Gordon S. Blair

Corinne Ricciardella, Principal at Gordon S. Blair, comments on the transposition of the BEPS project, implemented by the OECD, into the Monegasque legislation. She explains the future consequences for the Monegasque companies members or not of multinational groups.


The Swiss are in the Top 5 of the new residents in Monaco

Pierre-Jean Faure, Managing Director at Gordon S. Blair in Geneva, shares his experience and discusses the reasons behind the increasing number of Swiss nationals and resident relocating to Monaco in the April’17 issue of L’Observateur de Monaco.