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Why choosing to outsource the Human Resource Management

Newsletter : Why  choosing to outsource the Human Resource Management  June 11th, 2012

The employers have to face various complex issues  as far as the Human Resource Management as well as the enforcement of the Labour Law are concerned either in Monaco or in France. Dealing with those topics raises a lot of questions/matters.

Aware of this reality, Gordon S Blair law offices has made the choice to reinforce its range of services in those areas.

In order to do so Gordon S Blair Law Office offers as of now a new range of services focused only on the Labour Law enforcement, the Human Resource Management with the possibility for the entities to outsource part of their projects in Human Resource Management and for the small and middle-sized structures (1 to 30 employees) to outsource the management of their personnel administration.

To who is this offer  intended ?

This offer of services has been designed for Monégasque, French and international customers.

As a matter of fact the Principal of the Social department in charge of this new offer and her team are all bilingual in English, do speak German, Italian and Spanish too.

Why having a Human Resource Management outsourced?

  • The size of the company does not require to create a position of Human Resource Manager within the company,
  • The internal manpower, when they do exist do not have the expertise requested or time enough to handle various related projects in this area,
  • The company wishes to implement a Human Resource Policy with a cost saving and cost control,
  • The company wishes to have a dedicated counterpart reactive and always listening to its needs. The company does consider the proximity of the consultant as a real added value,
  • The company wishes to get more flexibility in the management of its projects. The company wishes to benefit from a personalized support/assistance.

What are the advantage for a company?

To benefit from :

  • The expertise of professionals

The team of the Social department owns :

–        A double expertise acquired in law firms as well as in companies  which were subsidiaries of international groups belonging to various business areas,

–        An excellent knowledge of the  French and Monégasque socio-economic fabric,

–        A global and operational approach in all Human Resource Management related issues as well as an expertise in the enforcement of Labour Law, the Corporate Administration and General Management of a company,

  • A peace of mind, a safety and a reliability.

This service is performed

–        Within the structure of a law office with a high name recognition,

–        In a strict confidentiality,

–        In a total respect of the user’s requirements,

–        With a service commitment contractualised.

We remain at your disposal to answer your questions and provide you with any information related to our offer of services.


Geneviève PACE

Principal Social Department : 00377 93 25 84 06 –