COVID-19: Specific measures for self-employed workers

COVID-19: Specific measures for self-employed workers
  • For Self-Employed (as defined by CARTI):

Self-employed workers have not been forgotten regarding support measures during the exceptional health period. Here is what is planned:

  • The introduction of a lump-sum income replacement in the event of work stoppage

Self-employed workers (within the meaning of CARTI) may be compensated by the Monegasque Social Security Funds on a flat-rate basis set at €61.50 per day, without any income conditions, if they return from a “contamination risk zone”, which can be consulted on the Monegasque Government website, to the following triple cumulative reserve:

–        that the self-employed worker has contacted the doctors of the Department of Health Action (DASA) and that a certificate is sent to him by this same body, which will communicate the work stoppage authorisation to the Social Security Funds;

–        that the activity is suspended and leads to the total closure of the company;

–        that the self-employed worker presents to CAMTI the specific absence certificate which will be directly sent to him by the Social Security Funds duly completed.

Note: The Social Security Funds specify that the prescription of temporary eviction from the workplace, without pathological motivation, established by a doctor will not be sufficient.

These benefits will be provided by the CAMTI social fund at the end of the period of cessation of activity.

  • The introduction of a specific work stoppage for childcare purposes

A specific work stoppage for childcare may also be issued following the closure of nurseries and schools, subject to the following conditions:

–           The activity must be totally suspended (excluding its continuation even partially by an employee or a relative);

–           The children must be under 16 years of age on the day of the start of the suspension (18 years of age in case of disability);

–           Only one parent (or holder of parental authority) may be granted a work stoppage. The self-employed worker must certify that he is the only one to request it, on a form that can be downloaded from the Caisses Sociales website and sent to the said service.

This compensation, which is also covered by the CAMTI social fund, will be paid, as for salaried workers, as soon as they return to work or at the earliest within 20 days following the start of the work stoppage. The lump-sum compensation is identical to the one explained above (i.e. €61.50 per day of stoppage).