Gordon S. Blair keeps on acquiring new talents

In September, seven new professionals have joined Gordon S. Blair. From various locations and backgrounds, they gather an extraordinary field of experience and knowledge (from left to right):

new team

Jérémy LEFORESTIER, Senior Associate
International private law, real estate transactions
Previous location: France
Charlotte SANTINI, Senior Associate
Corporate Tax
Previous location: France
Christophe DUTERTRE, Senior Associate
International Private Law, UK Probate/Conveyancing
Previous location: UK & Luxembourg
Caroline ALDRIN, Senior Associate
Trusts and Estate planning
Previous location: Italy & Monaco
Nordine ELOY-BENADDA, Associate
Personal Taxation
Previous location: France
Ekaterina POTEMKINA, Associate
Personal Taxation
Previous location: Monaco
Edouard MOUSNY, Principal
Corporate, Marine, energy and transportation
Previous location: France