Services To Citizens Of The World

Why would you bother ?

Over the last decade, a new breed of individuals has developed: they are the so called Citizens of the World.

This expression refers to people who typically have assets invested in more than one country, have a family (spouse, children) residing in various countries, and they work and have a social life in numerous places. They can be high flying executives or wealthy individuals.
When it comes to the running and management of their personal situation, they are confronted with the dearth of specialists or service providers who are able to understand the particularities of their situation and not to limit their scope of work to one jurisdiction.
In Monaco, because of the sheer size of our territory and the number of nationalities which are represented we consider this multi cultural and multi national background as being a “normal” standard and we know how to address the corresponding challenges.
As the leading Tax and Legal Consulting firm in the market, with a team of lawyers from various nationalities and who can speak several languages, we are ideally positioned to offering the kind of assistance which will make the life of the Citizens of the World easier.

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