Relocation and Residency

We have a specialised immigration service dedicated to assist our private clients in becoming Monaco residents. There are many pitfalls in moving from a Common Law to Civil Law jurisdiction – we verify the effectiveness of existing legal structures such as trusts, pre-nuptial agreements and new inheritance rules.

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Alexis Madier


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About Me

Alexis Madier

Alexis advises Private Clients on their tax & estate planning, and monitors their on-shore and off-shore real estate investments. Before joining Gordon S. Blair, he was previously a tax adviser with a French law firm and a Single Family Office in Paris, and pursued his career in Monaco with a local Corporate Service Provider. Alexis also acts as general counsel for several Monaco based Single Family Offices. He is also implied in the setting-up of group of companies in Monaco, as well as in the purchase and disposal of businesses. Alexis has extensive experience in taxation, estate planning, real estate transactions, and relocation to Monaco. Alexis is an authorized tax representative with the Monaco tax authorities.


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