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An independent sovereign state in the heart of Europe, Monaco offers an exceptional living environment and an extremely attractive legal and tax environment for establishing residence and doing business.


This attractiveness is the result of remarkable political, legal and fiscal stability.


A major player in the North Mediterranean labor market area, appreciated for its climate, infrastructure, transport, security, and education and health systems, Monaco has based its model on a sound balanced fiscal policy, which allows to offer numerous tax advantages to residents.


Monaco has signed a number of conventions or agreements that provide the Principality recognition from the international community and guarantee a protective framework for Monegasque residents and companies.


Finally, Monaco is an international economic and financial center, endowed with a virtuous ecosystem, which fosters the creation and development of entrepreneurial projects and the management of the most sophisticated family and estate arrangements.


With a resident population of approximately 39,000 people, representing more than 120 different nationalities, the Principality is a place of encounters and exchanges. Emblematic sporting and cultural events give this small country an exceptional reputation.

Monaco is also the preferred setting for many cinematographic works, inspired by the ever-present memory of Princess Grace of Monaco, to whom our firm has sought to pay homage by creating an iconography inspired by the great classics of international cinema.

Law firms in Monaco: the specificities of the Monegasque legal system

The Monegasque legal system makes a distinction between “Avocats – Défenseurs” and “Conseils Juridiques” .
“Avocats – Défenseurs” are professionals of Monegasque nationality registered with the Monaco Bar and the only ones licensed to plead cases before the courts of the Principality.
“Conseils Juridiques” are experts in law or taxation, not necessarily Monegasque, and carry out transactional and advisory work.
Gordon S. Blair is a duly licensed Conseil Juridique in Monaco pursuant to an Authorization issued by the Monaco Ministry of State.