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Gordon S. Blair is an important player in the Principality’s business environment.


With a large dedicated team, the firm works with companies and their shareholders at every major stage in their development (external growth, equity offerings, changes of ownership, raising funds, negotiating contracts, etc.), for both local and international projects.


Gordon S. Blair is also the leading point of contact in the Principality for top international law firms and specialists.


Mergers and acquisitions: the keys to success


The success of an M&A transaction is reliant on two important factors: preparation and negotiation.


Whether you are putting your business up for sale, acquiring another, or bringing a partner on board, it is vital to ask the right questions before you start. What are the risks involved? What is the exit strategy? What will happen if things do not work out with the partner?


Our teams are highly experienced in complex negotiations. They have developed a firm approach, but one that smooths the path and avoids creating excessive tension or breakdowns in relations, particularly where the parties will need to work together over the long term.

Negotiating commercial contracts


Commercial contracts are by their nature complex, especially if they have an international component. Our specialist teams assist our clients at every stage in the contractual process, from preliminary negotiations, to drafting agreements, anticipating potential disputes, and so on.


Other practices of our firm also have in-depth knowledge of specific sectors (yachting, energy, media and real estate, etc.) and in these fields we can bring to bear highly skilled specialists and, working as a team, we are commited to ensuring that our clients are accompanied by experts who understand every aspect of their business.




Our services and unique strengths:


We believe in forging long-term relationships with our clients. To that end, although our clients usually have a single dedicated point of contact at the firm, we work as a team, with each of our specialists contributing in their field of expertise.


From M&A transactions to negotiating and drafting contracts, each project requires expertise in a combination of different legal specialisms. A single transaction does not just raise questions of business law, but can also have implications in terms of tax, social security, or even EU law. All of these must be considered in the round. We also have multi-jurisdictional expertise, with extensive knowledge of Monegasque and French law in particular, but all of our staff speak fluent English, and some are proficient in a number of other languages too.


For all of these reasons, Gordon S. Blair is the preferred partner of numerous businesses, shareholders, investors, and specialist consultants, both locally and internationally (lawyers, corporate bankers, business valuation specialists). Like them, our working methods are built on competence, compliance with codes, responsiveness, and attention to clients’ needs.


We are committed to working on projects from start to finish with a partner-oriented vision, principally in the following areas and, when needed, in cooperation with our other practices :


  • Complex contractual negotiations
  • M&A, business sales and cross-border transactions
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Shareholder dispute resolution, shareholder agreements, corporate structuring and governance.

Partner in charge of this practice

David de Pariente